About the Journal

Names: A Journal of Onomastics is one of the world’s leading scholarly journals devoted to the study of onomastics. Since the first issue in 1952, this scientific quarterly has published cutting-edge, original articles, notes, and book reviews that investigate the derivation, function, and impact of names and naming in North America and around the world.

Journal Editors-in-Chief, Past and Present

Dr. Erwin C. Gudde (1953-1956)

Dr. Madison Beeler (1956-1959)

Dr. Demetrius Georgacas (1960-1961)

Dr. Wallace McMullen (1962-1965)

Dr. Kelsie B. Harder (1966-1968)

Dr. Conrad Rothrauff (1969-1981)

Dr. Murray Heller (1982-1983) 

Dr. Kelsie B. Harder (1984-1987)

Dr. Thomas J. Gasque (1988-1992)

Dr. Edward Callary (1993-2002)

Dr. Ren Vasiliev (2003-2007)

Dr. Frank Nuessel (2007-2018)

Dr. I.M. Nick  (2019-present)