Vol. 57 No. 1 (2009)
Research Article

Naming and Translation/Naming in Translation: Toward a Close Reading of Don Quijote (Part I, Chapter I)

Published 2009-03-01





This article examines the indeterminate nature of the different "acts of naming and non-naming" in the first chapter of Part One of Don Quijote. For example, there is much doubt surrounding Don Quijote's family name and place of origin. In other cases to be explored, the naming process is slightly more concrete, such as Don Quijote's naming after that of his horse, and the naming of the lady of his thoughts. The indeterminacy surrounding these acts is particularly interesting when examined from the perspective of the work's various translations, which each add an astonishing multiplicity of semantic possibilities. Four recent (i.e. from the last fifteen years) English translations will be studied with the objective of showing how different translators have confronted these ambiguous passages, and broaching the questions the translations themselves raise regarding these famous literary acts of naming.


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